Friday, September 30, 2016

Focus Wall

Text Talk

Poem of the Week

In Writing Workshop, we focused on revising our stories and going back to add more detail.

We are also working REALLY hard to start our sentences with capitals, end our sentences with a period or question mark, and put spaces between our words.  These are things you can encourage your child to do when writing at home.  Ask your first grader what it means to check for COPS.

We learned a new math game!

We also learned about Number Bonds, strategies for solving addition problems, and engaged in some math talks with dot images.

Guided Reading Groups started this week!! We LOVE book clubs!

We also added some more reading strategies to our "toolbox" of strategies for decoding words.  You can practice these at home too!

Apple Craftivity hanging in the hallway for all to see!

We finished off our apple filled week with a yummy apple snack!

10 Gold Cards = Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day!!

Brady was our Celebrity of the Week


Oct. 13: Conferences
Nov. 10: Conferences
Nov. 11: Conferences
Nov. 23-25: No School - Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30: Report Cards

Friday, September 23, 2016

Focus Wall

Text Talk

Poem of the Week

We learned that just like shoes, it's important that we find "Good Fit" books.

Shopping for our own "Good Fit" books.

We also learned some reading strategies that we can use when we come to words that we don't know.  You can try these at home when reading with your first grader! ;)

In Writing Workshop, we focused on planning out our stories.  Ask your child what it means to "Touch and Tell, Sketch then Write."

Sharing our favorite Writing Workshop stories with our friends.

We learned some new math games during Math Workshop.

 Here's how to play at home if you'd like.

We did a No David craftivity to go along with our author study on David Shannon.

We had so much fun during all of our Walk-a-Thon festivities!

Jason was our Celebrity of the Week!


TONIGHT: Fall Fest 5:30pm-7:30pm
Oct. 13: Conferences

Friday, September 16, 2016

Focus Wall

Text Talk

Poem of the Week

We finished our Self Portraits.  These are hanging in our classroom and will give us many ideas to write about during Writing Workshop throughout the year.

We also drew other ideas that are in our hearts and special to us.

We used the book, Night of the Veggie Monster, as a mentor text to kick off our first unit in Writing Workshop.

During Reading Workshop, we learned that there are 3 ways to read a book.

 We practiced retelling with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We also learned how to be Reading Experts.  Ask your first grader what a Reading Expert does during Read to Self.

We even learned that like athletes, good readers warm up before they read.

We learned some new Math Workshop games and practiced our Mathematical Practices.

Mystery Boxes

Building Staircases

We celebrated International Dot Day with some super cool 3D coloring fun!  Check out the Quiver app for some other 3D coloring pages you can do at home.

10 Gold Cards = Electronic Time

We made connections with our Text Talk Book, A Bad Case of Stripes, and painted striped people with our other 1st grade friends. 

Seth was our Celebrity of the Week!


Sept. 23: Walk-a-Thon
Sept. 23: Fall Fest 5:30pm-7:30pm
Oct. 13: Conferences